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Our transportation services cover long distances

Long-distance medical transportation service refers to the non-emergency transport of patients over a long distance, usually over a hundred miles, to a medical facility, treatment center, or home. This type of transportation is often needed when patients require medical care that is not available in their local area or when they need to be transferred to a facility that specializes in their specific medical condition. Long-distance medical transportation services can be provided via ambulance, air ambulance, or specially equipped ground vehicles, depending on the patient’s medical needs and the distance of the transport. The vehicles used for long-distance medical transportation are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and supplies to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for the patient. The personnel providing the transportation are trained in basic life support and emergency medical care and are equipped to provide medical support and treatment during transport. The goal of long-distance medical transportation services is to ensure that patients receive the necessary medical care, even when it is located far from their homes.

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